Pacific Jarrah

Fox Hay was founded in 1954 as a building timber supplier, and timber products have been at the heart of our business ever since.

Of course, these days the range and diversity of timber products used for building is bewilderingly large, and you need an expert supplier to ensure that you end up with the right material, in the right quantities, for your job. That’s where six decades of Fox Hay experience come in.

We stock and deliver comprehensive supplies of timber and wood based building products, including:

  • Plywood – the original composite timber product, it’s easy to take plywood for granted. But we have extensive stocks of all sizes and grades of this versatile material, and can advise you on the best plywood for your task.
  • MDF – medium density fibreboard – an engineered timber product, MDF includes grades that are fire-resistant. In general, MDF offers uniformity of strength, a degree of flexibility, and, as it has no grain, dimensional stability. It is also readily painted and finished.
  • Treated pine sleepers – treated for long life, and available in all sizes.
  • Radiata pine – the mainstay of the Australian builder-carpenter trade, we carry extensive stocks of radiata pine in all sizes and grades, and can advise you on the product you need for your purpose.
  • Merbau timber – favoured for its durability and great looks, merbau timber products have in recent years become a favourite for decking and similar applications. Come to Fox Hay for ample stocks of the full range of merbau sizes.
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber – LVL – we have plentiful stocks of all sizes of this versatile timber product.


While our inventory of timber products is impressive, it’s only part of the story. Whether you order over the phone and have timber delivered, or visit us at our spacious South Melbourne warehouse, you can rely on Fox Hay’s friendly team to deliver exactly what you specify. That’s because the stock pickers at Fox Hay always double check each order before despatch. And our drivers give each delivery a final cross check on arrival at your site.

If you’d like to get a quote for your timber needs, send us a request here, or just give us a call on 03 9646 2422.