Timber Cladding & Weatherboards

Australia can be a particularly harsh environment for building materials exposed to the weather, so you actually can’t afford to use anything but the very best external wall claddings. These days, the number of timber and timber based cladding products on the market seems to grow daily, including timber lining, and weatherboards. We often find that this results in the purchase of a product that isn’t ideal for the situation that it was intended for. With our decades of experience, we know the market intimately, and we only stock the best quality brands. We advise our customers on the best product for the job in hand.

There are several materials available for cladding purposes, but timber has several properties that favour it above the alternatives:

  • It has the inherent appeal of being a natural product,
  • It is easy and fast to work with, leading to reduced labour costs.
  • Its pliability gives it a resilience under stress and weathering that compares favourably to the properties of more rigid external wall cladding such as masonry or cement.
  • It is light, with a high strength to weight ratio
  • Well-chosen timber weatherboards are easy to treat with protective finishes and paint. If you want a change of colour for your house, it’s easy to do when the material is timber.

Against these advantages, it has to be said that timber external wall cladding is flammable, and that has to be taken in to account when choosing a product for use in a fire-prone area. At Fox Hay, we stock all the cladding products in common use, including cedar weatherboards and ready-primed weatherboards. We know the ins and outs of cladding, including lining boards and we can ensure that you choose the ideal material for your job and location.

If you’d like to get a quote for your timber cladding needs, send us a request here, or just give us a call on 03 9646 2422.