Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

Fox Hay carry comprehensive stocks of concrete reinforcement mesh, and provide dependable advice on its use. Our varieties include mesh for laying slabs, trenches, driveways and more commercially intense situations. Our friendly team are extremely knowledgeable about its use, and can be relied upon to select the correct gauge and mesh size for a given design load.

Sizes of steel mesh are specified by combining the spacing, in millimetres, and the cross sectional area of the wire, in square millimetres. You can order your wire mesh over the phone, or by visiting us at our spacious warehouse in South Melbourne and have concrete mesh cut to size. Either way, you’re sure to get the quantities you asked for, as our stock pickers double-check each order before despatch, and our drivers cross check each order as they deliver it.

For Your Information…

Concrete is a marvellous material that has been used since Roman times and the mainstay of 20th century industrial and civic development. But it has a significant shortcoming. While it has excellent resistance to compression loads, it has very poor tensile strength. That’s where reinforcement with steel, which has excellent tensile properties, comes in. Reinforcement of concrete with a steel mesh endows concrete with the tensile properties of steel, creating a construction material with excellent properties in both compression and tension. When made with the right gauge of steel mesh or “rebar”, reinforced concrete is able to support impressive span loads.

Excellent and easy to use though reinforced concrete may be, it is not without its problems. Specifying all aspects of the concrete mix and the reinforcing mesh must be accurate if the resulting structure is to bear its design loads. And using inferior steel rebar or mesh can turn out to be a false economy, if the steel corrodes, detaching the concrete from the steel, and destroying its structural integrity.

If you’d like to get a quote for your steel mesh needs, send us a request here, or just give us a call on 03 9646 2422.