Cement Sheet Cladding

Fibre-reinforced cement sheet has been with us for an awful long time. Compressed fibre cement sheeting’s strength, endurance and weathering properties, to say nothing of its modest cost, have made it a favourite material for external cladding and roofing, and in certain circumstances as a flooring material. As an external cladding material, the appeal of fibre reinforced cement sheeting is further enhanced by the ease with which it can be painted.

Of course the original fibre used for reinforcement – asbestos – has long been superseded, and these days the most widely used cement sheeting reinforcement material is cellulose. These new forms of a familiar material have given it a new lease of life as a practical, cost-effective building material.

At Fox Hay Timber & Hardware we carry all the grades, sizes and brands of fibre-reinforced cement sheeting you could want. We are fully versed in their use, and our friendly team can recommend the correct product to meet any specification. And we will also supply you with the accessories you will need to install your cement sheeting and complete your project.

Moreover, whether you come to our spacious South Melbourne warehouse to buy your supplies, or place your order over the phone, you can be sure that it will be delivered in exactly the quantities you specified. Our stock pickers make sure they always double check an order, and even our drivers cross check the order against their delivery.

And, by the way, if fibre reinforced cement sheet isn’t your thing, and you just need cement, come to Fox Hay – we’ve got bags of it – literally!

If you’d like to get a quote for your cement sheeting needs, send us a request here, or just give us a call on 03 9646 2422.